The flyer was designed to leverage full bleed artwork for maximum visual impact.

LinkedIn and Twitter were used to promote the launch of the new module and the information session at the LPL Conference.

TAPP® Teaming module

A value-added program designed to educate advisors on the best practices of high-performing teams.


Legg Mason



Sole designer



10 brochures, promotional flyer, social media campaign



August 2016


My client wanted to showcase this new value-added module in a way that was distinct from any existing materials while still adhering to the overall brand. Teaming is all about people, and I felt the best way for the content to resonate with the audience was to use photography. But the brand currently did not use photography on its covers.


To bridge the gap between photography and illustration, I combined both by overlaying vector art on the imagery. The team-oriented photography and network of geometric overlays worked together to convey the concept of collaboration and team-building.

To maintain the integrity of the brand’s white brochure covers, the imagery was constrained within the geometric artwork. Each cover was slightly differentiated from the next while maintaining the unity of a cohesive campaign.

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